Red River Seed Bombs
Making America Beautiful One Bomb at a Time!

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Red River Seed Bombs
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  • The "hand-made" Red River Seed Bombs, sometimes called a "seed ball," are used in eco-friendly projects by schools, churches, motorcycle clubs, car enthusiast groups, civic organizations, and garden clubs on local, state and national levels.

  • Lady Bird Johnson encouraged all Americans to use wildflowers as a way to make America beautiful. Red River Seed Bombs is challenging all of America to carry on the legacy of Lady Bird Johnson, one bomb at a time.  Americans can toss a Seed Bomb along a section of highway while on a Sunday drive, or through a "green" project in their neighborhood.

  • The 'casual' gardener finds the Red River Seed Bombs, an easy way to turn an ordinary home flower garden into a prize winner without the hard work! Red River Seed Bombs can be used in gardens, flower pots, window boxes, lawns and fields along America's highways! The Red River Seed Bombs are a simple, "no-till" way to beautify our America.

  • The uses of the Red River Seed Bombs are unlimited.  The Red River Seed Bombs rolled with native grass seeds can be used to attract wildlife to a specific area.   Native grass seed as well as tree seeds can be rolled into seed bombs (balls) to be used to reseed after a wildfire or drought also along mitigation banks and other projects.

  • The native grasses can be used in the landscaping industry. They do not require as much watering, growing only 5-8 inches which reduces the time and fuel spent mowing.

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